Search Engine Marketing (SEM) uses paid advertisements to market a business. These advertisements appear on the search engine result page. It all comes down to bidding on a keyword that your potential customers could be using when performing a search, which will give the advertiser the opportunity to show their advertisements on the search result page(s). Your Advertisement will pop up in front of customers who are ready to make a purchase of the service or product you are providing. These ads (pay-per-click adds) can be displayed in a variety of ways, all with one key feature in mind – converting sales.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of optimizing online content to become visible through a search engine’s search results. It’s ensuring that your website can be found in search engines relevant to what your business is offering to your ideal customers. Proper Search Engine Optimization will be able to attract potential customers to your website who are searching for answers to their questions and problems online. This can result in creating a steady stream of inquiries. If you manage these inquiries correctly, this can generate tremendous revenue for your business which results in business growth. SEO is a continual process and should be considered a week to week business activity, making sure that your website’s content is answering all the questions your ideal customers are asking.

Start converting more leads to your business and convert them to paying customers.


Customer Requirements

Know Your Customers Needs.

Website Analysis

Numbers don’t lie.

Keyword Research

Due Diligence is what will come out on top.

On-Page Optimization

Optimizing equals excelling.

Content Writing

Goes without saying; content is key.

Link Building

It’s all about being popular on the interweb.

Why Optimize For Google?
  • 3.5 billion Google searches are performed every single day.
  • 90% of searches made on desktops are done via Google™
  • 35% of product searches start on Google™
  • Average Google search session lasts just under 1 minute
  • The Volume of Google searches grows yearly with 10%.
  • 34% “near me” searches done via desktop and laptops results in a purchase
  • 52% of global internet traffic comes from mobile devices.

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