Where to start? What to do? These are some of the questions that come to mind when I ask people what their Social Media Strategy is. People usually start with Social Media without asking the right questions or invest in
Let’s look at the stats: – Number of Monthly Active Users – 1+ billion – Number of Daily Active Users – 500+ million – Daily Stories Shared – 500+ million – Photos Shared till January 2020 – 50+ billion –
Never underestimate the power and importance of social media when it comes to digital marketing. Numbers don’t lie, more than 75% of all adults online are using social networking sites nowadays. With over 2.6 billion monthly active users is the
Tiktok is mostly known for their short dances, funny clips and catchy memes and music and has become THE Social Media Platform of today. Due to the fact that TikTok’s followers is increasing by the minute this has caught the
Your Customers Are Online – Once “Digital Marketing” is mentioned, I usually receive an answer in the likes of “I’m not ready for it yet” or they simply try to avoid the whole subject. Most people believe that they need
Online Marketing Benefits – When businesses get started, they usually focus on how to get their first customers through the door. They will often start with using traditional forms of advising. This includes flyers, news papers ads and coupon mailers.

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