Currently we see that an average of 200+ million users are active on Snapchat every single day.
Consider that those users are snapping multiple snaps at once, this amounts to millions of Snaps being created, sent, shared and seen every day.

While Youtube, Facebook & Instagram still has more users than Snapchat, you shouldn’t be thinking lightly towards them. Using Snapchat for your business could very well be a very effective way for your brand to reach new potential clients.

Will Snapchat fit my business?
Snapchat might not be the right social media platform for every type of business.
To determine whether or not Snapchat can work for you when it comes to marketing, you will have to ask the following questions and if they are in sync with your brand’s values.

Connecting with the youngsters
Over 80% of all Snapchats current users are younger than 34 years old.
If you want to connect your business to people under 34 years old than this is the right social media platform for you. Studies have shown that over 30% of the current Instagram users do not own an Instagram account. This means that you could potentially reach a whole new audience when advertising on Snapchat. Snapchat users tend to spend around 30 minutes per day on Snapchat.

Branding by standing out
Snapchat was originally designed to be a casual and fun kind of app.
Using snapchat with your friends and family by sharing imperfect snaps of one another.
The app was designed to showcase yourself, expressing yourself in a cheeky and creative kind of way.
This would be the ideal app for your business if your brand has a playful side to it, showcasing the fun relating to the product or service that you offer.

Brand interaction
Snapchat has changed a bit over the years.
Current settings showcase that you are able to chat with friends by clicking on the left “Chat” button.
On the right side you can find the “Discover” button which will re-direct you to content made by brands.
Users are able to see content and purchase services or products. More than 1/3 of the snapchat users are spending more time in the “Discover” Section of Snapchat every single day.

Advertising on Snapchat
Snapchat has incorporated multiple advertising formats in their App.
These formats include:
– Snap Ads
– Collection Ads
– Story Ads
– Dynamic Ads

With the help of these ads you are able target your Snap-chat Audience by their specific interests, their age or even their previous interactions. To find out more about how to set up your business account and start advertising, please click here. Find out for yourself if your business can use Snapchat to their advantage!

‘Get the Snapping!

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