Social Media Marketing Strategies

Determining Your Social Media Strategy

Where to start? What to do? These are some of the questions that come to mind when I ask people what their Social Media Strategy is. People usually start with Social Media without asking the right questions or invest in certain tactics. You will have to come up with a plan in order to reach success.

I’ve narrowed these questions down for you. My suggestion would be to write all of these questions down for yourself and answer them accordingly. That way you can determine which route you should take to reach your preferred customers.

1. What’s your Goal?
What are you trying to achieve with your social media campaigns? Are you looking for traffic or perhaps searching for links? Maybe you are trying to create brand awareness? Perhaps you are trying to reach potential investors who are willing to invest in your company? The list can go on and on. You will have to figure out for yourself which ones make sense for you and your company. If you are trying to create more brand awareness you should not be doing things that are related to getting more links and vice versa.

2. What are you trying to Reach?
Reach is very important as this will also determine which channels you will need to dive into to reach them. Are you trying to reach current customers or potential customers? Are you searching for new markets or looking to collaborate with influencers? Who are you aiming for?

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, Reddit and Google+ are some of the channels you might be looking into. Perhaps you will need to address blogs or forums and start engaging with your preferred audiences. Do your Due Diligence.

3. How will you Engage?
What will you do to start engaging with your audience? Will you be adding content, writing and answering on blog posts? Will you be adding pictures, videos or graphics? Are you looking to brand your own service, product or company or perhaps helping someone else? Determine this for yourself.

4. Put things in Perspective
Once you’ve answered all of the above questions its time order them.
Start with ordering all of your answers by importance and organize them into a roadmap as this will help put things in perspective.

Do not think that this roadmap cannot be changed anymore as you will probably need to run some test and run some campaigns first. Since you’re not experienced in Social Media Marketing yet you aren’t sure what the ROI of your campaigns will be. Be sure to test multiple different campaigns thoroughly and don’t make any assumptions. Eventually this will help you determine your strategy as your goals have been set.

Jeff @KillerSales

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